Dialogue through film workshops

Today, an amazing thing is happening, the political space is becoming more and more conflict-free, and interpersonal relations are becoming extremely politicized, overshadowing the eyes of representatives of different groups from the real causes of deterioration of life. For many Russians, Ukraine is populated by fascists, and for many Ukrainians it is the imperial Colossus. Residents of the prosperous part of Europe do not look at the East at all. This is the result of manipulations of public opinion, the result of propaganda, which makes solidarity and struggle extremely difficult. Our Dialogue through Film Shops project is aimed at creating, rather than destroying, ties and friendship as a politics.
Authors from Ukraine, Russia and Germany took part in the project. The result of communication and interaction between the participants from September 2018 to November of the same year was this almanac. It is all about the person and his importance in this world.
Joint project with SOLIDARUS

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